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War of Words

A war on words that defines existence

War of Words

Consciousness brings inception to your existence
Delivering experiences from choices or fate from a distance
The present fails to exists
Writing words to fit the bill
Of a title, pulling minds in at will.

Argumentative content
Design for quarrel
Bending minds
To accept contention of moral.

Defining oral pleasures from words of dynamic thrills
Resplendent picturesque
Rushing through your intellect.

The war of words battles through the ages
Slicing into pages
Making history for all races
Offering only a moment
That reminds us of contemplation.

Deciphering the whispers of fooled prodigy
As books churn into bad poetry
Handing out paperbacks for free
As Einstein’s philosophy regains methodology.

Piercing weak brains with nihility
Offering dogma
Filled with lashing’s of doctrine
Soaked in tangerine sky’s
Making eyes cry
When they awake from the tuition of scholarship minds.

Words of war
Grasping in
Ingenuity coupling Genius
Offering meaning
To all this seeing


Photo by Camille / Kmile

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