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Walking With My Son

Like magic is to a unicorn.

Walking With My Son

I walk with my little son
He would follow me to the edges of the galaxy
Just to tell me his story of his love for reality.

He waits for my return
Then tells me he misses me
With a smile, a cuddle and kiss that reminds me he’s here in this world.

He gives me tasks to do
While playing in the evening
Then I read him a story
Way past bedtime.

We walk in the morning
While he points out rivers of gold in the sunrise of the morning cold.
He wears his welly boots that always soak his socks
From the lakes spilling through the broken locks.

We walk in the winter snow
But he never tells me how his hands look so cold
He steps over the white mountains
And laughs when he falls – while shouting “hey, dad! did you see that?”

We talk about all those crazy baby things
He reminds me of how life is just a push on a swing
We laugh about mum staying in
Then we talk about his older brothers being naughty and doing silly things.

My little boy just turned 3
And does things that completely amaze me.

He sings all the words to every song
He points at mum when she’s doing it wrong
He combines his vision to build a life free from a prison

But most important of all
He gives his love…
Like magic is to a unicorn.

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