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An Extraterrestrial Meeting


An extraterrestrial once said
I feel like a spaceman travelling on the edge
With the fabrication of time pulling at my sledge
A spaceship built by a superior race
Who laugh at our conditioning
By a greed of few men.

What are you waiting for?
He asked with his huge head
The masses have the power
To dictate a flourishing garden
To which you call Eden.

We watch you with others
Some of you know
That time is being shortened
As most of you grow.

Intervened twice
And soon again
To help you unfold
The gates of this pen.

Here to help
We want you to be free
Follow us among the stars
So you can all see.

An expansion of matter beyond the horizon
Marble black holes
Filled with flickering gold and
Flashes of purple fire with
Riches to behold.

Friends await
Your arrival is welcomed
A few have already discovered
Without compromising.

Dreaming will never be the same
As you feel the pull of light travel
Forcing blood through your veins.

Would you like to come
Or stay here and try to awake a race who is numb?

Our time is done
Thanks for the invite
From your coded form

We live in a system
Three clicks from your thumb.

Photo by NASA

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