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My wife

For all the married men in the world

My wife

My wife puts things into perspective!
Even when I’m right or wrong – irrespective.
She commands the children with her song,
And I listen, pretending not to see her yawn.

She cooks me a three-course meal,
With white wine and homemade scones.
I offer her an ear for conversation
While she talks about all life’s wrongs.

Sometimes, I see her running around the bedroom,
In her silky black thong; and then she reminds me of why we could –
Never be alone.

I wait for her whenever she’s late
I smile when she arrives home – late at the gate.
I arise to the occasion, only for her need,
And then she uses me as a sofa – for her delicate little feet.

We nag at each other from the corners of the street.
She bleeds white tears that roll softly down her cheeks.
We laugh together – talking about stories of all our family members,
Making a mess,
While we grow old.

She goes against what I have to say
As we shout for a moment –
On this given day.

She’s my friend,
My lover,
The woman who kisses our children in times of need.
What could any man want more?
If it was only for a moment of greed.

We married in the garden,
Under a sky of wooden beams,
While all our friends and family
Laughed at our Scottish theme.

But now its time to reflect on love,
For this book was penned under the stars from above.

We can now look at each other – through a galaxy of eyes,
And share this dream that was born to surprise.

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