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Connecting the world through work


Hello, and welcome to my little page of significance
It’s all on here, this place we call Linkedin.
Check out my profile!
It’s full of mind-bending things.
Look what I’m offering…
Can you see all my skills?
My education
And my work history that pays for all the bills.

My description is sleek
Sometimes I even create articles
To help people, I think.

But that’s only the start
Because my posted content reaches thousands of mortals
And in my book, that’s just art.

Send me a message,
@ me in a post –
Click on my profile in private mode.

Sometimes, I’m even seeking a job
I can read hundreds of posts on my magnificent wall
Which is kinda engaging especially,
With all the famous business faces.

So, I will leave you with this…
My big smiley face
That says it all.
I’ll meet you in there
A place for us all.

david irvine

Do your own thing in your own way and get what you came here for. I have a little book collection on Amazon - buy them, buy them now! - Enjoy!

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