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I fell in love once

loved once

I fell in love once

I didn’t even see her, until one day I felt her stare
across my back like a warm summers day with a blossom scent in the air.

I turned to catch a glimpse and saw a woman that was looking for her prince.

After several exchanges of glare, I noticed a woman so rare
something came over me that I can not explain
a feeling that didn’t leave me for an eternal flame.

Her eyes were golden brown like
the reflection of a Queen’s crown,
black hair that set fire to her shy stare
olive skin that looked perfect when she went into the water to swim.

Felt her before seeing her
our eyes would meet on the other side of the street
a look that exchanged a thousand words, yet a delivery
of feeling, no words can complete.

She tried to work me out
as one day we exchanged words while working out.

I lost her in my verbal muster of cluster
she shook her head in a moment of fluster
to which our magnetic pull reversed.

The path parted into a different time
it wasn’t to be on this line
as the bells chimed for a different mind

I won’t see her again, not in this time.

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