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Everything I Ever Had

In the palm of my hand
philosophy of life

Everything I Ever Had

I’ve always wanted more,
Of everything that’s within reach.
I’ve wanted more, even though I’m holding it!
While trying to teach myself
It means nothing beyond my tethered dreams.

Even if I had it all,
I would want more beyond what it means
Because it all means nothing;
When you’ve climbed that road and found that pot of shiny deceitful gold.

More knowledge leads to a philosophy of need,
As now I want my name to live out my great, great grandchildren’s seed.

More money pays for comfort and a house that could feed all the homeless
Living on the street.
Cold from the rain and frost,
Biting at their feet.

Power has you fighting for a presidential suite,
And then you realize,
You have now become a face!
That underwrites policies for the weak.

Fame leads to a world of shame,
It doesn’t matter what game you played.

An Olympic star gets a gold medal
On a beautiful ribbon,
Which is tucked away in a draw before you leave.

Be anything,
Do what you want to achieve,
Get caught up in the moment that goes beyond all that need.

Everything I ever had is everything I will ever need.
It was right in front of my face, it was right in the palm of my hand.

Everything of all I want.
Everything of all I need.

Is the smile of my children.
Is the love from my wife.
Is my friends and family talking in the company of my life.

But most of all,
When I look back in my mind,
It was all about the memories;
Wrapped up tight from the day I was delivered
Into the hands of an unknown midwife.

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