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Is Time Connected To Human Emotions?

The circles represents TIME
time - human emotions

Is Time Connected To Human Emotions?

Time, a subject that excites existence. The essence of time for many human minds is a straight line, an edge that has a start and finishing point. Comparing life to this thought process makes sense because it’s easy to understand; while being projected in a two-dimensional state of thought. Depending on your job or interests, creating a 3-dimensional or even a 4th-dimensional thought process is unnecessary in everyday life. Most people see time as a person running 100 meters, from start to finish and recording the time it took to run and cross the finish line.


Try and think of time as a 2D circle that represents the presence of your existence. Your existence here on this planet has a combining factor; when compared to what we know about quantum mechanics and relativity. The representation of a circle is vital in this thought process, as it allows us to see a framework for other factors, like human emotions, to exist within it.

1) The Circle Represents TIME.


Human emotions have different levels of spark throughout a lifetime. For instance, losing a loved one can cause a considerable amount of emotion. This large amount of energy in the form of lost love (Remorse) can create a dot on your timeline. Human emotions manifest in the form of hate, lust, love, anger, jealousy, happiness and many others. Inside the circle diagram, we can add some of the most potent emotions experienced. These will be represented as dots.

2) The Circle Represents TIME With Human Emotions.
1) The Circle Represents TIME.


If we pick any dot inside the diagram, we can make this trigger an event on your timeline. For example, the birth of a child can trigger a very overwhelming emotional state. What if this emotional moment in time sent out a ripple that could be felt or seen throughout your timeline? This means that wherever you are in a relative state of reality (this very moment in time, for example), you could gain access or receive a heightened emotional response for your future or past.

The past is easy to conclude as this is achieved by thought alone. However, the future relies on a process we yet don’t understand. Perhaps we do appreciate it but can make little sense of it. If you can peer into your past and recite stored information, you can reverse the process and see a moment that will hold significance in your future. Spiritualisation is the key here.

This could explain Déjà vu, powerful dreams that come true, visions through meditation or daydreaming. Notice how they are all linked to powerful human emotions that are connected to your timeline.

3) Human emotions sending a powerful ripple that can be felt or seen no matter where you are in your timeline. It becomes unrelative and relative at the same time.


Some people receive more information than others, which generally co-insides with their understanding of reality, knowledge, spiritual or religious state. All have doorways for enlightenment or awakening. Some people may never receive anything, while others will only receive one emotional vision, which is more than enough for a complete change in direction.

I like to think of these emotional connections as to throwing a stone into a beautiful lake and watching the ripple flow over the entire surface.


The next step is to imagine holding a marble in the palm of your hand and processing this visual representation of time with your thoughts and life journey inside. Time is continuous, relative, past, present and an infinite future of possibilities based on choice and free will.

Time is you.


Can this be proved scientifically? Not yet, but my understanding of energy, relativity and time; give me some answers as to why we can peer or receive information from the future.

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david irvine

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  • hamcheese66
    4th March 2018 at 11:54 am


    A lot of what you have written has already been said countless times by those that have come before, and still, by those that are now at the forefront across the sciences & philosophy spectrum. This type of thinking is present across all ages & cultures often in the guise of mystical, religious, philosophical, scientific and artistic expression. We use the best tools available at the time to explain & remind ourselves, the younger generation perhaps, what ‘reality’ is – what and why we are here.

    “Some people receive more information than others. This normally co-insides with their understanding of reality, knowledge, spiritual or religious state. To which all have doorways for enlightenment or an awakening. Some people may never receive anything, while others will only receive one emotional vision, which is more than enough for a complete change in direction”.

    I couldn’t agree more. it seems that some of us get caught up in the simulation, (distracted or supersaturated by external / internal stimuli (too much drink / drugs / food, TV, social media or environmental interference) and therefore inhibit the natural biological and psychological weaken the connection to the source of creative thought) the signal is always there. Waiting for people “turn on, tune in, and drop out” of the false reality that they have created themselves, of rather, co-created by the dominant, culture and ideological dogma of the time. With each ages comes a better understanding of how to achieve these states of ‘enlightenment’ and creation of original thought, expression and material manifestation.

    It just seems to me that we spend so much time and effort in devising ever more elaborate and technological ways and means to teach and tell ourselves what we already know. Our conscious knowledge and subconscious thoughts / feelings create our collective consciousness which in turn creates our collective reality.

    “The past is easy to conclude as this can be achieved by thought alone. However, the future relies on a process we yet don’t understand.”

    I like to introspect on the notion that we already exist in the’ future’, as we already exist in the past, and that due to existing in the ever present now all ‘new’ and favorable, enjoyable, thoughts, feelings and ideas are an internal response to favorable courses of actions which are in alignment for the betterment for the (collective) self.

    My area of concern now, however, lies in obtaining the knowledge to access these higher states of consciousness to facilitate the conduction of new ideas and expression in order to help others to do the same. It’s too easy not to, but once people are able and peek behind the curtain of reality and experience it for themselves…. it becomes even harder not to.

    However I feel / fear for many it will be a destructive process for many and the reality may be too much for most to bear. Ignorance is bliss, but one cannot help but feel the transition will happen with or without their compliance. The increases in anxiety and depression are, perhaps, a good indication of this.

    or not whatever … lol =p

  • hamcheese66
    4th March 2018 at 2:10 pm

    “If these waves of ideas are still reaching out to people, maybe it’s a message to help push society forward. Maybe it still hasn’t been pushed forward in the right direction yet. I believe its all linked to spirituality, an article that I’m working on at the moment. We as humans have a great ability to receive information as a collective and unravel signals of energy stamps from depths of unknown”.

    Nicely put, again different times and cultures attribute this innate ability to several different phenomenon. Greek mythology attributed it to the 9 muses, others considered it a form of channeling, demonic possession, the collective consciousness, source / cosmic intelligence, divine guidance, or simply our subconscious. I think Einstein, Tesla, and William Walker Atkinson hit the nail on the head with their understanding and ability to access these states / frequencies. Which when accessed provide the recipient with vivid mental images, auditory cues, and a ‘gut instinct’ with regards to both technical problem solving (creation) and artistic expression.

    or not – whatever =P

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