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What to expect from meditating


What to expect from meditating

I was never really interested in meditating until one day I decided to sit down and give it ago. At first you will feel a sense of calm. You will hear things like the birds outside, the ticking of a clock, the humming of a computer, the wind or even your own frequency that sounds very calm but high pitched.

Sometimes music from your memories switches itself on. You can hear everything in perfect HD quality. The sound of the musicians voice, the base, the drums, the piano and everything else that makes up the track. Once you have a realisation or a sense that you are hearing music in perfect clarity, it will slowly fade away and stop. Sometimes you can pull it back in but only for a short time. This is because you have lost the transition between meditation and self-awareness. It’s difficult to hover between both states of the mind.

After a few sessions, your mind can slow everything down and you feel a pure sense of calm. You will start to see shapes, colour, shadows and then clear images. You can feel your energy field flowing through your state of meditation. This is all constructed in the front of your mind. It is a beautiful sensation and feeling.

Meditating Position

You may have seen several images or actual people sitting in the meditating position. This just simply works, it keeps you focused. Your back needs to be straight so the air falls through your lungs. You can also make the circles with your fingers. This helps you to relax and focus the natural energy around and through you.


The wave effect

The images and energy that will flow through you arrives in the form of waves. Imagine a wave rolling onto a beach front, watching a heart rate machine pulsing or maybe, just sitting outside on a hot summer’s day and feeling the heat from the sun pulsating through your body. These waves of energy give you a heightened sensation. It’s like you are dipping into the singularity of what the mind is really capable of.

You can meditate for as long as you need. Sometimes only after about 10minutes you know you are done. You will feel a sense of balance with yourself. You might also experience a sense of clarity and start to feel different about yourself.

Imagery through mediatation

So, what can you expect from meditating? Depending on how relaxed and comfortable you are with sitting at home in a nice quiet place. You can actually go anywhere your mind wants to go. I have gone back in time, across the globe to other countries, walked across desserts with hundreds of other people, dipped into other worlds, saw close friends and family in the future. Every moment of meditation will bring with it something different. Sometimes I can only see the pulsating energy fields around me. This is a tired state and you will normally fall into a deep sleep and wake up feeling fully recovered and charged.

Imagine an entanglement of feeling and imagery whilst trying to work out that both are highly connected. To feel is what makes reality real. If you ignite an emotional state that is strong enough to ripple your timeline, you will notice your mind is able to connect to these moments in the past, present and future. You can extract these through meditation and the dream world.

Secondary field of vision

Depending on how open you are with your meditation, you can also tap into a secondary field of vision. You can do this by keeping your eyes open and staring at a blank wall. Let your eyes relax, almost out of focus and after a little practice you should start to see.

I like to call this the framework effect. I have seen vast rooms, people working on huge future like machines. I have ideas or theories as to what these might be, but I will let you come to your own conclusions based on what you might see. Everyone is different.

I experience everything on an organic level. This way I know what boundaries I am able to conquer and push my mind into new and exciting realms of existence. The art of meditation brings with it many forms of mind opening qualities. You will feel and see the world in a whole different perspective the more time you have for the beautiful art of meditation.

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