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What is Higher Knowledge

higher knowledge

What is Higher Knowledge

That is the question.

There is so much to understand and learn. People are easy manipulated and can be put on a path of misunderstanding simply because that what we have been told or read can be perceived as the principle of truth.

Take a mammal such a cat for example. When it looks into space and sees stars, does it see nothing or does it actually think of anything? When a Human looks into the night sky, we question it. But if we are told that a star is actually blue not white and we can give a lateral cause for this answer, the majority of humans tend to believe it as oppose to question it further.

The term higher knowledge can be defined as someone or something that can look at all the possible questions and can see all the possible answers.

Religion is a powerful concept known to man. But we have been pushed into believing there is a supreme almighty being. A God! Surely he has a higher knowledge and an understanding of everything?

For the human mind to be knowledgeable, it simply has to have an understanding of many things in order for it to be categorised as knowledgeable. I feel all subjects known to humanity like; Physics, biology, evolution and astronomy are classic key components to achieving a higher knowledge.

Is the human mind ready for a total understanding of any kind of higher knowledge? I look to the World from above and struggle to see any kind of higher knowledge in comparison to what we understand and how we can move forward. Is something else at work that prevents us moving on?

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