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What is a spiritual awakening?

Opening Doorways in your mind to obtain a Spiritual Awakening

What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a happening of self-realization while seeing reality for what it is. It can happen to anyone, but as an individual, you must seek it. Once it happens to you it cannot be undone. You can choose to ignore it and rely on ignorance to relieve the burden you carry. It has positive and negative effects but you must learn to accept the reality you live in.

In short, a spiritual awakening is a higher perspective of self, in an existence of rules experienced by the human condition. It’s an understanding of everything which defines your existence.

The words spiritual and awakening combined have nothing to do with religion, religious groups or cults. In fact, many religions use the power of a spiritual awakening to help manipulate your mind. They want you to see the truth as a belief system to which few benefit. To believe in God doesn’t mean you must belong to a religion. Why would any creator want their creations to worship them?

How to seek the awakening?

A spiritual awakening doesn’t come easy. However, there are many doorways that can be opened that will put you on the correct path. The term awakened means just that. To be awake from the shroud that is put in place to make the masses blind. Many people have come forward and tried to show the public what is really going on. History shows us that even Gods, Kings and Queens have been removed by revolutions spread by the awakened.

In today’s world which has been rebuilt on the foundations of religion. People have been blinded by clever layers of misinformation. It’s very easy to program the human mind to believe in something that is untrue. After all, the brain is a complex organic computer, designed to remember information and execute an understanding of self, through facts or creative desires.

To seek an awakening can be difficult because it relies on you studying many aspects of reality. However, this can be sparked by something that bends your mind inside out. Some of the great ones include:

  • A psychedelic experience using DMT or Mushrooms
  • Seeing a UFO in the sky (Not a pinprick that looks like a satellite but something you have seen up close and is huge when compared to planes or other aircraft)
  • Having outer body experiences
  • Hearing or feeling a noise that goes against everything you know. This leads to questioning and exploration
  • Seeing a human entity, ghost or shadows that enforces a sensation of fear or other human emotion, because it shouldn’t be there
  • Experiencing vivid dreams that somehow come true or mean something to you
  • Visiting ancient monuments or buildings, like the Pyramids of Egypt and not being happy with the explanation you received
  • Reading controversial books and articles or listening to podcasts that can be classified as fake news or misinformation
  • Seeing an event on live TV or other forms of media and realizing or feeling that something is wrong. You are being fooled by the mainstream media.

Notice how all the above are frowned upon in modern society. The reason is that they can all spark a direct connection to a spiritual awakening.

These signals can start off a process that enforces research. With knowledge comes the ultimate power of the human mind. The more you engross yourself in a subject, the more doors open that feed the path to a spiritual awakening.

Ancient history, Astronomy, Nikola Tesla, Meditation, Conspiracy theories, Religious History, Politics, Quantum Mechanics, Einstein, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci and much more, unlock you to the greater understandings of your position on this planet.

How do I know if I’m awake?

Being awake is difficult at first. It can lead to a short spell of depression, enlightenment and give you life skills that go beyond everyone you know. You can bend reality the way you want it to happen, but ultimately you realize you have a purpose to awaken others. Many people will reject your teachings while others will embrace it and thank you for it. You will also feel a heightened sense of human emotions and understand feelings. You can help people with problems and make good all that is wrong.

You also understand that the reality you see before your eyes extend to secondary societies, lived by elites who point and make demands on a global scale. All of which understand the power of too many people becoming awake. They rely heavily on the media to spread fear tactics among the masses.

The trick is to make people feel in control while they simply have no power at all. However, this battle is being lost as the elite struggle for layers that mean nothing to the rise of the awakened.

What happens if more people become awakened?

More people are becoming awakened. Waves of change have already shaken country leaders, dictators and elites. The power of advanced civilisation technology like smartphones and the internet are making it easy for messages to travel fast. Revolutions are inevitable, especially where power is being abused and manipulated. The laws that define reality switch to bring balance and uncover the shroud that blind the public. The Universe demands balance and a change of power.

This article represents the starting or finish point of a spiritual awakening. The bits in the middle need to be learned as you go. Your research will show you that not all you see and read is correct. It’s up to us to make a change so everyone benefits and enjoys life as we know it. Paradoxical Vista has been written to offer you doorways into a heightened perspective of reality. You need to find the path and connect the dots.

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