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There’s No Such Thing As Can’t

In honour of Josephine O'toole
nan poem

There’s No Such Thing As Can’t

A teacher, philosopher a talker of all
Full of wisdom for even more
Untouchable with a mind that can do
Is this real? this person of overwhelming chore.

Stories of old, history to be told
Excitement, smiles and everlasting hold.

Passing on
Everything needed for a new journey to be told

‘Tell me again’
Get the job done and don’t pretend.

Talking me through the jobs to be done
Pop to the shops
All while singing a merry song.

‘I can’t do it’
Trying to pretend

She pointed the finger and glared again

“There’s no such thing as can’t”
She would repent.

A life lesson learnt until the very end.

Passing on the message still
Through my eyes the letter spent
As my children spill
A defiance dent.

Unknowing until time is old
A paradox the future holds.

A beautiful poetic woman
My nan
Josephine O’Toole.

Photo by Cristian Newman

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