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The Flood Approaches


The Flood Approaches

Seeing into the future from horrifying dreams
Bodies tumbling
Glass snapping
From the weight of the monsteroius tide.

A flood approaches
From all directions
Nowhere to run
Can’t save the children’s lives.

Distinctively cold as the liquid rushes in
Lost the hands of all love within.

A message I can only send
To the present who pretend
Not to see the reality of self
Who go about the day
Like books on a shelf.

A lady from the future came to me and said
Send a warning
Save yourself.

I see the flood
I see the carnage
I see blue bodies dipped in varnish.

The flood is coming soon
Lit by a pale moon at night
Gathering momentum by the rise of the sunlight.

The screams will echo to all who listen
Until silence beckons
With the last breath of few.

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