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The answer to reality


The answer to reality

My mind bends inside-out through connecting the path of reality and stimulation.

I can feel the sensory patterns of cognitive spark, like a wave reaching out to display a spectrum of a galactic arc.

To sit in silence and be awake
in a time where my existence has little fate.

To think about a particular problem or debate
brings with it a moment of continual state.

I absorb this pattern that we call existence
through a manifestation of perceived distance.
But feel ashamed to see our feeble attempt
to harness a world of global content.

Only a small percent can rise and take the first step
but this means they have to lose everything with no regret.

I can spectate and tell you this

You hold the key now to understand why you see
the door is a passage to the next challenge of me.

If you haven’t discovered the answers here as it is

You maybe already late, trying to enter inside the dimension with the pearly gate.

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