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The 5 senses of self

Be a master of your 5 senses

The 5 senses of self

To become the best at whatever you do in both mind and physical connection, you need to be able to make simple calculations of information that is happening around you and everyone else on a daily basis. You absorb vast amounts of information through your five senses. Most of it is discarded because you simply can’t process it. The key is to become acute to them all. With this mindset, you will start seeing your life and the people around you – from a different perspective. It’s a powerful combination of natural evolution.

Visual Sense


This is your most powerful tool in obtaining a sense of what you’re actually capable of. Harness your visual sense to read body language, movement, positioning, colour and light. If you can teach yourself the art of visual stimulation through interpreting another person’s body language. You will become a big player in any social setting.

Focus on details such as facial expression. Study eye movement and positioning, eyebrow patterns, rapid eyelid gestures, raising or lowering of the forehead, lips, cheeks and nose. Everyone uses different patterns of movement depending on what they are talking about or simply doing. To understand why they are doing it will tell you the answer to questions, without even having to ask the question.

Body posture is another mechanism for visual stimulation, follow the walk, stance and hand movements. Connect your display of positioning and try to interact for social acceptance.

Everyone interacts and reacts differently, depending on how they perceive themselves internally.

Study people and look beyond the norms of everyday reality.

Sense of Touch


To touch another brings with it a massive chemistry of connection. When you touch someone on a friendship level you enforce your verbal recognition. A shoulder tap, handshake, pat or cuddle heightens the mechanical acceptance of joy. To touch a new person tends to open up a vulnerable path, and a sense of security is instantly opened up. To touch a loved one, such as family or your partner is a powerful act and brings with it all emotional experiences.

A touch used accurately in the correct circumstances can open up or defuse a situation. The key is to know when to use it. This can be achieved through what information you’re visually attaining.

Taste and Smell


Science has taught us that your taste is linked in with your sense of smell. In fact, you actually taste your sense of smell. These senses tell us information without us being aware of it. They signal danger and stress and make us remember locations, or tell us when someone with a distinctive smell is close by. Smells can also make us feel relaxed, feel funny or be disgusted. The taste and smell of a mint can make you feel more confident as you know other people you talk too will be picking up on the same pleasant vapours.

You can also find a partner through smell. You won’t pick up on it at first but if you make a connection with the opposite sex and exchange in conversation, you instantly know if they are a match. Especially if you are picky about your partner selection. Their body odour will tell you in detail if your genes will mix well and create strong offspring.



Sometimes in conversation, we only hear or pick out information that we want to hear. Or the fact is the information received is sometimes muffled or part understood, due to accent, pronunciation and the language barrier. You can train your mind to slow down sound waves and pick out information so you understand exactly what is being asked. Once you get acute to this process you will find yourself repeating the sentence over again in your mind to hear it for final confirmation. This is a powerful tool and can be best practised over the phone or in noisy places. To hear a question the first time will bring a more efficient response.

Use your senses wisely and be aware of what they are capable of. You can have more control over any given situation. Once you’re more aware of what information is being picked up, you will feel all senses working as one.

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