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The 4 day week.

How to balance your life with employment and free time

The 4 day week.

Life is such a beautiful thing. When you stop and actually consider it for a few moments, it becomes overwhelming. This moment of existence that is you, should not be taken for granted.

As you grow older and see your children flourishing with you, close friends and older relatives changing and disappearing. A realisation of time begins to take hold of you, there is not much of this life left to actually live.

It becomes easier to segment your moments left inside your mind and see the ages coming down to greet you. More questions await and need to be answered. Is this it? I have not completed what I set out to achieve.

What if I was capable of making a change to spend more time on what I wanted to do? What if I wanted to work a less and spend an extra day a week doing something that I wanted to do?

There is no law that states you have to work 5 days

There is no law that states you should be doing a 5 working day week. There is no company policy set in stone explaining that all staff members shall work 40 hours a week or they will have no job. There is always room for change, but it’s up to you to make that change.

I talked over this scenario with my company of employment. I asked if I could take a pay cut and only work 4 days a week. After some time, an agreement was put in place where my wages was decreased to reflect my new working week. To my surprise, it didn’t really affect my wages that much. As long as bills can be paid and a little disposable income is left over to attain a good standard of living in this capitalist society, me and my family are happy.

There’s so much more to life than the working week. I love my job and walk into work every day with a smile on my face. But what if I could do something else with that extra day?

The idea is not to waste it, don’t lay around all day and do nothing. Do something that can make a change for you and possibly society.

So I did.

Don’t waste your 3 days off

My first project was to finish bits and bobs off around the house. Painting doors, finishing off a few shelves, cleaning out old cupboards and planning a new kitchen. It didn’t take long to finish off with my new extra day off a week.

My second project was to build an education platform so people getting into business could learn about search engine optimisation for free. I put together and still work on it every Friday (I ended up selling this to an American marketing company). I was tired of hearing people getting ripped off with dodgy SEO companies giving clients false hope and then taking their money.

While I was building websites, I decided to put this very site together. I love spending time spilling my imagination onto a blank canvas.

Other things to consider;

  1. Read more
  2. Learn new skills
  3. Plan long weekend holidays – purchase a caravan and save thousands on coastal adventures
  4. Spend less on stuff you don’t need
  5. Learn about the stock market and invest monthly disposable income – read this to get started
  6. Spend more time with your children
  7. Enjoy long country walks
  8. Think about setting up that business you always dreamed of – now you have the time
  9. Start on that vegetable patch – grow fruit and be more self-sufficient
  10. Enjoy life more.


This extra day off has given me more time with the kids. I can help out around the house and get jobs complete. Having 3 days off a week gives me more time to prepare for my job on Monday. I look forward to getting back to it. I feel more productive in my time at work. I come up with new and exciting ideas to help push the company forward. I generally feel relaxed, stress-free and happier at home and at work.

Planning a weekend away seems so much easier. A weekend away on the beach means two whole days on the actual beach and away from home life.

Life seems more balanced, it’s almost perfect. Losing that extra money in the month is worth a life that just seems more complete.

The 4 day week works

Pay off your debts, rip up the credit cards and consider living the rest of your life through a 4 day week. Remember, don’t waste that day and work towards something you’re passionate about. This will make you feel successful and give you a balanced sense of achievement.

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