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Connecting to the Aether

Many famous Mathematicians and Physicists have spoken about the Aether or ether at great length. The aether is a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces. The best way to describe the aether would be to say "the empty space above our...

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Looking inside the back of my mind Finding all sorts of a different kind Rooms filled with thoughts and delicate finds Feeling ready to open treats that will find the readers walking the streets. Doorways to feelings and thoughts Paths to smiles and genocide Follow the bridge to a distant room Packed...

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significance poetry


Falling into the trap of significance Pretending to see layers that don’t exist Giving you reason to exist On this tiny ball of insignificance. Telling innocent people to conform Learning geniuses to draw in the form Blinded by gigantic cold shadows Inside the teacher’s dorm. This way That way This is a...

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A raindrop rolls down the cold window pane Rushing to meet its death In an evaporated attempt To live once again. Dropped from miles above Created from the land of lakes Departing into a new place. Harnessing life with its minerals And wet interface Cold to touch Pulling toxins back into the mud. A...

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Invisible to all who can’t see.

Found me you did – well done! By highlighting the text from the depths of this page. Clever, to see beyond what’s in front. A simple gesture A swipe A click A domesticated stump. Now you’ve found me The message must come. The paradox is - All that look at you only see within frightened to look...

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I am here

I am here in a world that I can not contemplate, sometimes it makes me feel empty because I do not know the outcome of my physical self. I exist in a state of balanced conditioning holding on to a thought that was given to...

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The Trees

To you and probably everyone else, Trees are seen as living organic structures. Monstrosities of perfection, moulded from years of evolution. They define landscapes and bring oxygen to our needy lungs. Trees are very complex living organisms that have the ability to sustain life on planet...

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