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Wisdom and life quotes to read on your daily journey across life itself
how did we get here

How Did Humans Get Here?

What is the purpose of life? Living on a planet that rotates around the sun. A sun that rotates around a galaxy which is bound by the grooves of gravity. A galaxy that is connected to the fabrication of the universe. A universe packed with...

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black hole theory

A Black Hole Theory

"If you want to find the secrets to the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nicola Tesla We know that black holes are born from large collapsed stars and take different forms and sizes. This can be seen in the beautiful images from...

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The universe poem

The Universe Poem

Welcome to this infinite place Where mortals found a playground of grace. Amoung the darkness lay pinpricks of light Fighting the shadows in a galactical plight. Blackholes churn out storms of stars Forging solar systems for life to make art. Through the pink nebula and stardust paths Beings await, for all...

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The Universal Code Of Love

There is a universal code of love Hidden deep and remains untold. To find it you must discover trust In the valley filled with diamonds and dust. Love stretches through the curvature of space Reaching all beings of a different race. Because all the galaxies are connected With energy defined by a...

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If Beauty Is Born From The Stars

If beauty is born from the stars A galaxy must fracture and embark Because love holds gravity together Making all life a work of art. We found each other on this journey of scars Defining our purpose in each other's arms Talking about fate like it was lost Near an old...

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Her Starlight & Dreams

She wept under her dying star For it had given life to all it could touch. A moment lost under the red and blue dust That can now be seen as a nebula, From a distance that can never be touched. Her starlight & dreams dissipate into the black...

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The Black Hole Of Love

The centre of the black hole stopped As we met for the first time on this rock. Creating a ripple of love That interlinked gravity to break the laws of actuality, Pulling us closer - To ignite the universe on its infinite moment of magnificent ride. We smiled Because we both knew That...

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8 Love Poems From The Universe

Tears of salt Her tears filled up the universe Leaving behind puddles of salt That can now be seen as meteors Speeding through space between galactical faults. She left behind life To begin again Across the dark matter, sifting through this infinite place. Tears that carry all the designs Tears built for another time Tears...

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I Sold My Soul To The Universe

Gazing a stare to the man who sold the world I realised then, my soul was already sold to the universe A place where the future is already told To a being who drinks the spirits of children who already know. We think we are free Like...

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God is no man

Understanding the laws of the universe Puts you in a position of overwhelming doubt As your mind tells you that God would never take the form of a human scout Decaying in this moment of nonsensical bout. God doesn't sit on a cloud God doesn't pretend to shout God doesn't want...

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