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Wisdom and life quotes to read on your daily journey across life itself

Poetry has its place.

Peering into the future While reaching out to the ether In this moment of rhyme Connecting to the fabrication of time. I see children holding onto books of poetry Defining their sequence of existence With all the wisdom Held in pages of prison. An educated race, where philosophy sits...

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Light, from a billion years too late Creating states of existence In an essence of brilliance On a journey that deliberates deliverance. Belonging to all These black nights filled with pockets of galactical, manifested mystical's - of fire and pure delight. Welcoming all, to join them in a dancing rage Screaming to all...

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Creating Reality

Peering deep inside your mind Learning the frequency of time Showing you the reality of this manifestational climb A black hole A galaxy filled with infinite disclose Designed to make you stand on your toes. Create a reality inside your soul Need it to happen Want it to happen Never look...

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digital poetry

The Digital Frontier

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Gum Reddit the Gram and the holy grail of man; Google demanding you give a dam while Ebay & Amazon hold hands. Businesses abusing advertising slots friends posting life material families getting personnel Please just spend what you can. The digital frontier has taking its hold blinding reality while you're getting old behold awaiting for your eyes to...

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An extraterrestrial once said I feel like a spaceman travelling on the edge With the fabrication of time pulling at my sledge A spaceship built by a superior race Who laugh at our conditioning By a greed of few men. What are you waiting for? He asked with his huge head The...

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Black approaching from the North penetrating a meaningless worth giving significance for all its concern. Granite waves slowing to turn to unleash its power on all who mutter. Silent Then the burn electric white from a different world. Run hide shelter in fear. droplets pounding the ground infinite prisoned within trying to escape a pitiful fate. Days Weeks Possibly years. A storm needed greeted by...

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Into The Wind

Rolling over to you from a place of no consistency emerging into all places from what seems like no existence persistence resistance a powerful delinquent. Filling any room with a fabrication of breath taken for granted by life and dusty shelves. An energy filled with movement fulfilling this delusion of mathematical conclusion that shows us...

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The change

As the feeling of old slowly creeps in I wonder how life has become so wafer thin. The sensation to feel is dying like a moment that defines the equation of a light bulb starting to dim slipping through the notion of getting a grin seeing the pain...

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words that mean none

Words that mean none

These words are all but had is it all that I have? Lost in a prison that fills my mind full of wisdom. What's the point in this system another day of delinquents. I can't feel myself think it's gone, from this vessel of decaying stink. I touch the grass, smell the...

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Life was what it was, in the early days of growing young. Igniting like the thunder casting it's spell into a world already filled with some. You didn't have time to stop and think, about what this is, a delicate thing. Living, laughing, crying and listening...

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