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Wisdom and life quotes to read on your daily journey across life itself

We lost love

You said you wanted happiness You said you wanted nothing else We created beings together And watched laughter echo through the vibrations of life itself. We did all this in the name of love Standing by each other As time moved on. We had it all Yet we had nothing We...

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The black hole of love

The centre of the black hole stopped As we met for the first time on this rock Creating a ripple of love That interlinked gravity to break the laws of actuality, Pulling us closer - To ignite the universe on its infinite moment of ride. We smiled Because we both...

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I’ve found a place

It’s all me It’s all you I’ve found a place Where we can make love all night. Together, forever Until the end of time A place where we can smile and feel divine. I’ll meet you there at half past nine I’ll be ready With red & white wine Forever, we can...

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The Moon Watches

The moonlight designed her silhouette - Hovering across the landscape of pongee bedsheets As the gentle silvery light glistened From a thousand miles away Anticipating the movement from her presents Creating shadows Like naked manikins. She looked beyond the ball of crystal fire And caught the light from scintillating stars As...

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Love Poems for Instagram

It's difficult to try and fit my wondering mind into a few words or short sentences. I feel like the poem is not taking you on a journey or giving the reader enough material. However, I recently started posting some love poems on Instagram, you...

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8 Love Poems From The Universe

Dancing With The Sea Her silhouette glows in the moonlight As she dances With the waves of the sea, Crashing between her feet Like bubbling Champaign Kissing garnet strawberries, Beneath the dark of the breeze. The moist billion-year-old grains of sand Hold her hand Guiding her home To dry land. Dancing...

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Worst Poetry Ever Written

I like to write whatever comes out of my mind. I'm gathering some of these for a new book - The Worst Poetry Ever Written. I classify these as absolute shit and will be updating intermittently. When I get to 100 I will self publish...

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She Sees – He Sees

HE SEES She stands naked Smiling Tits bouncing Brown sources pointing Bubble bath blushing through the wet Squirting water through the warm yellow pillowed sponge Her bum bounces as she reaches over for the coconut conditioner Slippery toes Oiled legs raised high on the cold white shelf She reminds me to trim my beard as...

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Softly Breathing Her Breath

Slowly kissing her neck She whispers sweet somethings Beyond my fragmented intellect Softly breathing her breath Swallowing her sweat Never to regret As she watches my hands move around her upper breasts. Her skin-tight jeans Wrapped around her cheeks Like an infested disease Not letting her skin breath. Unravel with ease Revealing her slight legs Beautiful Feet And lingerie Wrapped...

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