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Tink, you are the twinkle in my eye You make me feel alive like a twilight in the sky. As the world moves around us Our love grows like a rose. You are my fire My desire The true love of my chose. ---------- Main Photo by Filipe Almeida...

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Eyes Don’t Lie

A woman who takes more than she needs Concerning to watch Pretending to care She breaks the hearts of all she meets. Discontent with everything she collects Including life forms Just pets A moment of comfort Followed by neglect. Although loving Time comes to get Pulling her down Changing patterns in her mindset. Needing change She...

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Sleeping lady

Breathing softly Pink dry lips await a wet lick from her lavishing tongue. Eyes moving sharply, twisting and dancing as her mind unravels the days of events that's done. Strands of hair so perfectly combed before she lay undressed in the safety of her home. One hand under...

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What does love mean?

1. Open up to your partner and express everything you know. This shows a willingness to interact and be more open about any situation. 2. Love is but a connection of total comfort. 3. Love can be a simple look of acceptance. 4. Love is when you’re at...

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