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Wisdom and life quotes to read on your daily journey across life itself
nursery rhymes

6 Nursery Rhymes For Funky Parents

My Little Brother My little brother - wears a nappy on his head. He plays with all my toys and throws them in a mess. He's always drinking bot bots and even wets the bed. Sometimes, he jumps on me when I'm playing or having a rest. There was even...

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Love poems for people with children

7 Love Poems For People With Children

I Can Do Whatever I Want I can do whatever I want Even when Mum and Dad look really tough. Sometime's I can be a little angel and other times I can spark up a stunt. But now and again I turn into a terror and scream and...

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Walking With My Son

I walk with my little son He would follow me to the edges of the galaxy Just to tell me his story of his love for reality. He waits for my return Then tells me he misses me With a smile, a cuddle and kiss that reminds me...

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