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Shit & Sugar

Into the depths of the enveloped mind
Travelling beyond the realms of this infinite grime
Holding on
To material things
Changing your world for the better?
Making you feel slightly bitter?
As the credit card bills rip through your shitter.

Saving for days of old
The end of the month has a different hold
Skint by the end of the week
Bills mount up
Above the knees
What did I spend it all on?

‘Shit & Sugar’

The bank statement beholds
Dipping into the savings to help with the beyond
Why has life become so expensive to live?
Someone gives a shit.

Too much Shit & Sugar
Spending it all on.

Fuck the banks
Live for the day
A moment to shy
To give away.

Today I smile and shout these words of poison:

One day we’re going to
Live & Let LIVE.

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david irvine

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