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She Sees – He Sees


She Sees – He Sees


She stands naked
Tits bouncing
Brown sources pointing
Bubble bath blushing through the wet
Squirting water through the warm yellow pillowed sponge
Her bum bounces as she reaches over for the coconut conditioner
Slippery toes
Oiled legs raised high on the cold white shelf
She reminds me to trim my beard as I look old and lost.


Chisled back disturbing the curves of his little bum
He dips his foot in the bath and takes the good end
Looking like a fat frog
Where the hell has his 6 pack gone?
I didn’t even look at his cock
He smiles as he watches my aged frame dipping into the shared bath of shame
I wonder if he really still fancies me?
I’ll shit on his beard
Just in case.

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