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Sex, Breasts & Boxer Shorts

Filth! beyond all imagination

Sex, Breasts & Boxer Shorts

Tame Me Again

She enters the room revealing all,
As we smile
Like the warmth
Of the beautiful hidden Nile.

She commands me to take control.
Directing with her hands and pulling down my pants.

Her magnificent breasts
Bounce two and throw.
She’s happy,
She’s wild
As she clenches with her toes.

She whispers like a hurricane
Bouncing through the lush valley
Without an ounce of shame.

And that’s when she came
From a moment
To a priceless picture frame.

We held each other as time nearly stopped.
The shuddering,
The sweating,
Her black eyes dilating,
Coming to a sudden pause
As we resonated for a moment more.

Until tomorrow,
When she commands my zen.
I await for her wild
To tame me again.


Hey Hun!
I’m going to smack your bum.
Just because I want too,
It makes you laugh
And adds a little fun.

I don’t do it hard
I don’t do it softly
But just enough to get you in the mood,
And pretend that we are in our own Porno shoot.

Your tender flesh is on show
As we intwine and make each other glow.
Your hair smells like lavender,
Like the purple and orange landscape that peers through the transparent window pane.

We go on until the moon is high
Until the blackness is blinded by our eyes.
Enough is enough
As we gasp at each others breath
And then we fall asleep together
Like birds in a cozy nest.


She pulls me closer,
She pulls me with content.
Harder! she tells me –
Harder, she meant.

She wants it all
Until she’s spent.
Hard in her wallet
Hard on! with her scent.

She squirts on me
Which is kind of new.
I’ve never seen someone
Shudder like you.

She tells me…
“I want you again!
Once in the morning
And once while I pretend”.

She licks her pink pillowed lips
While I wait for her call
She repents
Harder again.

I Felt My Boxer Shorts

I felt my boxer shorts being pulled down,
All a little unsuspected while working uptown.
She smiled and gave me a wink,
Then lead me to a place I never knew could exist.

It was then
I discovered her power.
She wanted to show me her flower
Which was warm and flowed like a beautiful shower.

She kissed me quickly and snapped her whip
And I felt overwhelmed by her body that was ripped.
She was powerful!
She was a woman equipped –
To make men look weak with no significance.

And to my surprise
I fell in love
With a woman who stood by my side
While looking down at me from above.

But she wasn’t all about that,
As she spat me out;
One night downtown.

For she was as divine as they came,
A superwoman,
An alluring sparkle.
A woman made to break men
With every type of pain.

He & She

He made tea in the morning
She made coffee at night
For what did it matter?
On this life of eternal shite.

We had each other
With stories of old,
It was like we were making bread & fucking butter
Isn’t this how life should be told?

She farted in the middle of the night
He came to bed pissed! wrapped in fairy lights
But what did it matter?
His balls were in complete tatters.

We made love without the light
Because her arse looked like rubber jelly
And he couldn’t see his penis over his cider filled belly.
For did it matter?
We were getting old
Living on custard creams
And drinking Lambrini
Like it was fucking gold.

We love to watch shit telly
Dine out on a mild chicken curry
Because we ent in no fucking hurry
Strictly is on, don’t you worry.

But it doesn’t really matter
We are both getting old
And we sing those shit merry Christmas songs
And wipe each other’s bums
When life gets cold.

She now boasts a grey hairy vigina
He shows off his wig from China.
But the romance is all but lost
So we just piss each other off.

He died and left a message on his gravestone

‘fuck you all, this place was a shit hole’

And she died shortly after with a message that read…

‘We loved each other until the end,
I mastered the art to just pretend.
Here’s to life!
Thank fuck it’s the end’.

Editors Note: I hope you enjoyed the flavour of these poems. These will feature in a book – coming 2020, maybe.

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