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Proposal Of Love

We talk about all the little stories we made

Proposal Of Love

I proposed on one knee
After you spent the third year with me
Under the apple tree
Where you promised your love for thee.

We spoke of a little house
With an open cracking fire stove
And whispered of children
As we made love on the black leather couch.

We fell into each other’s arms, eating scones made by nan.
We got married in the church near that old farmhouse.
We danced and made a million more plans and you fell pregnant with our first little charm.

And that’s why with 20 years of great
I stand by your side and wait
For you to smile and give me a little kiss at the gate.

Our love grows wild as we drink pink wine
We talk about all the little stories we made
Our children are doing great which was hard work and sometimes late
But we held love together for a moment to commemorate.

So I give you these words
Without no debate…

I couldn’t imagine life
Without the love you create.

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