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Poet’s Edit

The poet's edit is packed with new material completely free to read and enjoy.

Poetry has its place.

Peering into the future While reaching out to the ether In this moment of rhyme Connecting to the fabrication of time. I see children holding onto books of poetry Defining their sequence of existence With all the wisdom Held in pages of prison. An educated race, where philosophy sits...

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God is no man

Understanding the laws of the universe Puts you in a position of overwhelming doubt As your mind tells you that God would never take the form of a human scout Decaying in this moment of nonsensical bout. God doesn't sit on a cloud God doesn't pretend to shout God doesn't want...

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Distinctly sleek and at its peek All things delivered with an Apple logo of neat. Smooth to touch Curves not too much As the shiny glass pretends not to beckon your clutch. Delivering a smooth interface Laced with clean graphics of taste With speeds welcomed by selfish needs of...

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feel it poem

Feel it

Feel it with all your might Feel it with all that's insight Feel it tonight Feel it regardless of your fight Feel the laughter and pain hitting right Feel it like the wind lashing off the winter night Feel it again Feel it over and over again Feel it like you can't pretend Feel...

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Light, from a billion years too late Creating states of existence In an essence of brilliance On a journey that deliberates deliverance. Belonging to all These black nights filled with pockets of galactical, manifested mystical's - of fire and pure delight. Welcoming all, to join them in a dancing rage Screaming to all...

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Looking inside the back of my mind Finding all sorts of a different kind Rooms filled with thoughts and delicate finds Feeling ready to open treats that will find the readers walking the streets. Doorways to feelings and thoughts Paths to smiles and genocide Follow the bridge to a distant room Packed...

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The Bridge

Finding the bridge between reality and abstract forms of fantasy Makes you question the authenticity of actuality An out-of-body experience Laced with electric pulses of delirium Dipping between states designed to keep you embraced The gap between the bridge of an infinite place. Feeling numb Questioning the pollution of the distractive hum Existence...

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Peering through time into a distant path Awaiting the seconds to make this day last What will the face of this watch bring? A timed moment of timeless begin. No matter your positioning here in the wind Time awaits for you to peer in. Never to sleep Never fatigued Never to...

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Googled Bamboozled Never a moment too noodled. The master of search An umbrella of the digital world Ordering results Finding queries never too much A solution offering the world guided stuff. Hey Google Play me a song Turn up the volume and turn the lights off Where am I now? Put the Television on. Kids shouting Adults...

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Turning the key to hear it purr Foot to the floor for a distinctive roar Tight round the bend Wheels built for no end. Cambered shaped twirls An infinite send You can’t pretend As the adrenaline sends you to a moment of mend. Feel it Contemplate its return The pulsating vibrations Connecting with your soul. A bread...

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Tink, you are the twinkle in my eye You make me feel alive like a twilight in the sky. As the world moves around us Our love grows like a rose. You are my fire My desire The true love of my chose. ---------- Main Photo by Filipe Almeida...

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nan poem

There’s No Such Thing As Can’t

A teacher, philosopher a talker of all Full of wisdom for even more Untouchable with a mind that can do Is this real? this person of overwhelming chore. Stories of old, history to be told Excitement, smiles and everlasting hold. Passing on Everything needed for a new journey to be told 'Tell...

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Creating Reality

Peering deep inside your mind Learning the frequency of time Showing you the reality of this manifestational climb A black hole A galaxy filled with infinite disclose Designed to make you stand on your toes. Create a reality inside your soul Need it to happen Want it to happen Never look...

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significance poetry


Falling into the trap of significance Pretending to see layers that don’t exist Giving you reason to exist On this tiny ball of insignificance. Telling innocent people to conform Learning geniuses to draw in the form Blinded by gigantic cold shadows Inside the teacher’s dorm. This way That way This is a...

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Men Don’t Cry

Hardened by life’s journey of sold All the emotions packed tight into an endless hole Bastard child or broken home Parents loving Some have it all No room for emotions to show. Tears held back by moments that decide Love, pain, anger and sadness for the eyes. Cry inside Cry on your...

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You’re the captain of this ship

You’re the captain of this ship Take it beyond its protective hub Through a journey of thoughtful taste Raise your cup Brake your boundaries Relish in your sense of much. You’re the captain of this ship A delicate being With a complex interface Holding onto a galaxy within Let all come in. You’re the captain of...

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Is It Real?

Is it real All of this A reality filled with senseless must. The art of self Seems like a world Where everyone looks upon in felt. Disturbed by the notion of everyone’s motion A deliberate injection of energies potion. A journey that must be had No matter how sad A lesson to absorb A moment to...

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man in the mirror poem

Mirrored Man

A moment captured by mistake A smile remembered for more than a decade embraced. I don't see myself in the mirror A different man awaits The folds and wrinkles show a different face As death awaits life's mistakes. The stubble and hairline awakes A vision from a different place A man I know Who had...

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A raindrop rolls down the cold window pane Rushing to meet its death In an evaporated attempt To live once again. Dropped from miles above Created from the land of lakes Departing into a new place. Harnessing life with its minerals And wet interface Cold to touch Pulling toxins back into the mud. A...

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Eyes Don’t Lie

A woman who takes more than she needs Concerning to watch Pretending to care She breaks the hearts of all she meets. Discontent with everything she collects Including life forms Just pets A moment of comfort Followed by neglect. Although loving Time comes to get Pulling her down Changing patterns in her mindset. Needing change She...

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Gods Poetry

The Gods gave us their gifts. A delightful combination of delicate demands Developed through a master plan To make all worthy Who speak the truth Let me help you contemplate the proof. All the gifts are in your hands From love To creating life And living your plan - All while experiencing reality...

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Life is

Life is not made of material things Life is not a competition of delirious ambition Life is not said Life is not governed by choice that is dead. Life is a now, this time to amend Life is being able to look beyond this wonder Life is giving back to...

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Life shakes death’s hand.

Tired, as the years dissipate into now Life, evaporating into time A moment spent Climbing within Remembering Memories turning outside in. Movement slowing Running seems like heels in heavy snow Bending time with the narrowing mind Youthful thoughts help to go on in This field with enveloped corners of concern Offering insight beyond this boundless lucidity. Sleep...

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The Flood Approaches

Seeing into the future from horrifying dreams Rumbling Bodies tumbling Glass snapping From the weight of the monsteroius tide. A flood approaches From all directions Nowhere to run Can’t save the children’s lives. Distinctively cold as the liquid rushes in Lost the hands of all love within. A message I can only send To the present who...

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Invisible To All Who Can’t See

Found me you did – well done! By highlighting the text from the depths of this page. Clever, to see beyond what’s in front. A simple gesture A swipe A click A domesticated stump. Now you’ve found me The message must come. The paradox is - All that look at you only see within frightened to look...

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5 Micro Poems for your Pleasure

Invisible Here I am Maybe not My mind feels like it’s in a pot. Invisible to all who peer in Transparent like the shuddering wind. Numb from reality Steady on with the morality A mind built for something new Maybe it can’t be true. The energy that defines You. Words from Within Easy, do these...

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Shit & Sugar

Into the depths of the enveloped mind Travelling beyond the realms of this infinite grime Holding on To material things Pretending Changing your world for the better? Making you feel slightly bitter? As the credit card bills rip through your shitter. Saving for days of old The end of the month has a different...

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