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Poet’s Edit

The poet's edit is packed with new material completely free to read and enjoy.
Death Party

Death party

I watched my death party And smiled Because I knew what nobody can expect When they leave into the darkness Between the layers of time itself. Some people shed tears of lost While others smiled with no cost, Many cry on their own While I felt death Like a wound From a black rose. I...

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sun poem

A Journey Through The Sun

The sun talks to me From when I was little with no friends. I would look inside her vivid mind And she would show me colours of every kind. When I looked away All of reality turned into a white light With a moment of seeing my mind Pouring into...

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Facebook, I deleted my account Even though I was one of the first to sign up Without a shadow of doubt. I connected with friends And posted pictures to pretend Then I watched the carnage Of people’s personal and global wars Talk to the world like a broken harness. Upon...

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We lost love

You said you wanted happiness You said you wanted nothing else We created beings together And watched laughter echo through the vibrations of life itself. We did all this in the name of love Standing by each other As time moved on. We had it all Yet we had nothing We...

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The black hole of love

The centre of the black hole stopped As we met for the first time on this rock Creating a ripple of love That interlinked gravity to break the laws of actuality, Pulling us closer - To ignite the universe on its infinite moment of ride. We smiled Because we both...

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To My Son

I’m dying And soon I will be dead But through you I will live instead. Lying here will be my body Connected to my head Reminding you of all the memories We collected and shared. Don’t cry for me when I’m gone Smile for all the times we sang that...

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I’ve found a place

It’s all me It’s all you I’ve found a place Where we can make love all night. Together, forever Until the end of time A place where we can smile and feel divine. I’ll meet you there at half past nine I’ll be ready With red & white wine Forever, we can...

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Fear Exists

Fear exists Fear Keeps you alive, simple, yet kind Feel fear rushing and building in your mind, While keeping you connected to this moment in time. See beyond it, See through it Manifest your reality and harness its power on this climb. Fear was given to you by the divine Because they knew...

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Tears of Wisdom

#1 Learn to feel your emotions, it will give you a heightened sense of reality. #2 She doesn’t say ‘I love you’ often but when she does...

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The Moon Watches

The moonlight designed her silhouette - Hovering across the landscape of pongee bedsheets As the gentle silvery light glistened From a thousand miles away Anticipating the movement from her presents Creating shadows Like naked manikins. She looked beyond the ball of crystal fire And caught the light from scintillating stars As...

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Love Poems for Instagram

It's difficult to try and fit my wondering mind into a few words or short sentences. I feel like the poem is not taking you on a journey or giving the reader enough material. However, I recently started posting some love poems on Instagram, you...

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8 Love Poems From The Universe

Dancing With The Sea Her silhouette glows in the moonlight As she dances With the waves of the sea, Crashing between her feet Like bubbling Champaign Kissing garnet strawberries, Beneath the dark of the breeze. The moist billion-year-old grains of sand Hold her hand Guiding her home To dry land. Dancing...

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Worst Poetry Ever Written

I like to write whatever comes out of my mind. I'm gathering some of these for a new book - The Worst Poetry Ever Written. I classify these as absolute shit and will be updating intermittently. When I get to 100 I will self publish...

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Days That Make Up The Week

When Monday comes I roll my eyes to the back of my head, 5 days of working To pay the bills And pay for bread. The chore of Tuesday Is like working with no end The only way to get through it Is to simply just pretend. Wednesday arrives as your friend Because its midweek And...

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Poetry is

Poetry is universal Poetry is eternal Poetry is life beginning, which will meet you at the end. Poetry is a journey Poetry never pretends Poetry is feelings of life - on the mend. Poetry is language Understood by few On the road, ahead Giving meaning to the weekend. Poetry is life looking...

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The Keys

We hold the keys to the universe Inside our minds From a non-distant place From a state that takes place Right in front of our face. It talks to us It helps us It shows us the way. All the answers are lost through a gaze When we seek a fortune that can never...

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acer laptop poem


I purchased an Acer laptop once. It looked sleek and ahead of the bunch, A carbon effect dashboard And lashings of what looked like love. I took it home and struggled to connect The Wifi kept turning off Which seemed a little suspect Especially - after what was spent. This happened all the time While...

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poem of cards dealt life

Let’s do it today

Wake up to the soul of your time Bending thoughts through the puddle of this grime Looking to a better place Understanding life’s debate While insinuating choice and fate Trying to understand the design of this place. I’ve tried to wake the world up from my shed I’m sick of seeing people...

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She Sees – He Sees

HE SEES She stands naked Smiling Tits bouncing Brown sources pointing Bubble bath blushing through the wet Squirting water through the warm yellow pillowed sponge Her bum bounces as she reaches over for the coconut conditioner Slippery toes Oiled legs raised high on the cold white shelf She reminds me to trim my beard as...

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Softly Breathing Her Breath

Slowly kissing her neck She whispers sweet somethings Beyond my fragmented intellect Softly breathing her breath Swallowing her sweat Never to regret As she watches my hands move around her upper breasts. Her skin-tight jeans Wrapped around her cheeks Like an infested disease Not letting her skin breath. Unravel with ease Revealing her slight legs Beautiful Feet And lingerie Wrapped...

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King For One Day

To be king for one day To be looked upon as the public awaits Decisions to be made All to keep democracy in place. A burden to carry Subtle whispers to marry Suggestive, Without too much emphasis On the government to tell lords and barons. Will my name be remembered for something great? Or...

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Sky, They’re all around Pumping out digital sound Like a merry-go-round Where would we be without HDTV, MTV And the movie channel… Blazing vivid spectacles In the foreground. The sky remote Awaits, closer than a stone’s throw Tempting the viewer to discover new worlds. Action packed sport Followed by a documentary on all...

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I couldn’t imagine a poem that didn’t rhyme at least once

I couldn't imagine a poem that didn't rhyme With all the combinations Of all the collaborations Awaiting to escape When conversing with your mind. Deliberately injecting words That litter a page of this world Before they unravel life Back into to folds of a bloodied steak knife. Tearing into the timeless white pages Like...

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Those red eyes

Those red eyes Followed me to this place Reminding me of a distant past Time, that won't connect to this moment of dance Chasing me Hunting me down Those red eyes gaining on my suffocating breath. Clocked in black Running But can't get out Those red eyes Getting bigger with every...

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A New World Awaits

The blackness doesn't exist With eyelids positioned, fixed Closed To all looking in A mind that won't give in. Spectrums of colour await Films and events, Dissipate Into moments that shouldn't exist As the frequency demands it's existence to manifest. The future and past Pour like an hourglass With each grain of sand Making moments of...

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I’m a Motorola and Android is my friend I play with your mind I offer gestures so kind I deliver state of the art tech So you can be entwined. They call me Moto Mainly because I can say ‘Hello’ I love it when you ask me a question in the palm...

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I Sold My Soul To The Universe

Gazing a stare to the man who sold the world I realised then, my soul was already sold to the universe A place where the future is already told To a being who drinks the spirits of children who already know. We think we are free Like...

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lemon skys

Anamnesis & Lemon Skies

We are all just trying to get along Holding on Working out the title of a new verse Turning life into one final song. Greeting faces with smiles Offering a hand Remembering the time when you had a little plan. In with the old to replace the new Some folk prefer the reverse A...

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Connecting to the Aether

Many famous Mathematicians and Physicists have spoken about the Aether or ether at great length. The aether is a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces. The best way to describe the aether would be to say "the empty space above our...

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War of Words

Consciousness brings inception to your existence Delivering experiences from choices or fate from a distance The present fails to exists Writing words to fit the bill Of a title, pulling minds in at will. Argumentative content Design for quarrel Bending minds To accept contention of moral. Defining oral pleasures from words of dynamic thrills Explicitly Resplendent...

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