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Our Engagement Was A Prophecy

Like magic, we formed a path
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Our Engagement Was A Prophecy

We found each other by chance
Like magic, we formed an exclusive path.
Together, like a universal dance
Built beyond our imagination of innocent glance.

If dreams could talk,
If dreams could walk,
If dreams could ignite the illusion of thought.

We would emerge presenting rings together
Defining this reality of infinite art.

The day we met
Time stood still,
Until we sealed a bond
Like it was written in a story before we were gone.

It all made sense,
It all felt right,
It all stood for something…
In these moments of living delights.

The spark of our smiles,
The stares lasted for miles,
The pools of shallow breath –
Imprisoned our love.

While we twisted time & gravity together
So the divine could spectate from above.

We knew,
Without a given clue
That our engagement was to be true,
As our love for each other
& Grew
& Grew.

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