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Love Poems for Instagram


Love Poems for Instagram

It’s difficult to try and fit my wondering mind into a few words or short sentences. I feel like the poem is not taking you on a journey or giving the reader enough material. However, I recently started posting some love poems on Instagram, you don’t get too much retail space in your images. This has helped me and forced me into writing short poems. They seem to be taking off, if you get a chance – pop over to the paradoxical page and follow me. If not, here are some poems to have a look at.

Love Is A Smile

Love, they said with a smile
And a smile they said with love
Because if you listen closely
A smile is born out of love.

Can you hear the love?
Can you see love?
Can you feel the love?

Love entangles itself around your spine
Making life believable and sometimes kind.

Love is the most idolized word of its time.

Lost In Love

I’m lost in life finding the one
She never comes to me when I’m looking for fun
I await in the pub
I await in the club
Sometimes, I make conversation for no reason, like a chump.

Maybe it’s best to stay in
Let me create an account and log in
But that’s just no me
Pretending behind a computer screen.

So, I know, I must
Hunt for her over all these lands
Around the globe
Awaiting to take her hand

One day I will find my love.

Dancing between the glow of the stars

She flies in her ship between the stars
From a future that I can’t ask
Because if I do
I might miss her
When she laughs at my rubbish plans.

She wants to be a rock-n-roller
Just for one afternoon
In the shed, when I turn up the volume to way past ten.

She dresses in a material I’ve never seen
Which cleans itself and creates a new theme.

She looks into my lazy eye
And plants visions of never to be seen.

And then she leaves,
Promising to return in my dreams.

It Was Written

She wanted fame without no shame
She wore to kill
She walked to bend eyes – outside in
She knew her power
She sought to win without playing in this game.

She could swim
She went to the gym
You had to be free to see her grin.

She would approach you with her blue and green eyes
Looking through you, like a spider’s web in disguise
For all that was you
She understood your mood
But you had to follow her on the road that was written before she came.

One More Time

Let’s lay down the hard times
Let’s play for the times that we want to come true
Let’s do it together for our children and our mother’s too.

We can do it, I know if we try
Forget about the past – a moment left to dry
Defeat does not exist
When we work together and make this it.

I can see the sparkle, flash in your frozen eyes
When I smile and tap you on the bum, and kiss you on the neck – leaving my innocent scent.

Let’s try one more time
let’s not break the marriage photo
I can’t live on my own.

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