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Life shakes death’s hand.

A moment before death

Life shakes death’s hand.

Tired, as the years dissipate into now
Life, evaporating into time
A moment spent
Climbing within
Memories turning outside in.

Movement slowing
Running seems like heels in heavy snow
Bending time with the narrowing mind
Youthful thoughts help to go on in
This field with enveloped corners of concern
Offering insight beyond this boundless lucidity.

Sleep for weeks
Numbed by reality’s chore
Is it time yet?
The jaw

Time for what? You may ask…
Life meeting death
To shake hands
Beyond where the mountain stands.

Greeted, as the energy inside exchanges paths
Welcomed by those that ask.

Tired? I was asked
Life, such a difficult task
Ready to great death’s hand.

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david irvine

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