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Life at 30

Staying in on a Saturday night.

How easy it is to waste time on nothing
watching the Tele and thinking about strutting.

Memories are there for a purpose of impression
without them I would be dead, well, possible it could be said.

Stick the kettle on Tint, I fancy a tea or maybe a bottle of cider
to enlighten me.

Shall we watch Strictly?
I shouted to myself.

During the break, I have to get up
But only to release this fluid of acidic glut.

Jaffa cakes, Jaffa cakes I will have three
I might as well
We got them for free.

A good film is on next
You know that one we have already seen

Or shall we go to bed and call it day
and live out tomorrow the same strenuous way.

I don’t know the answers to all this confusion,
it all seem like effort of outrageous delusion.

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