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Life & Death

It all comes to a beautiful end

Life & Death

I look into your eyes and see the ending of time.
Your pupils grow small as they dissipate into the mind.
Blues and greens turn into grey.
Your eyes wobble without words of say.

You tell me “this is it” as you hold on tight for one last shift,
As your body slowly starts to reveal the hidden rifts.

I see you looking back at all the memories you hold.
Smiling as the time begins to close.
Fond of all friends and foe,
Beginning and endings within a moments glow.

Let go, my friend,
Let me stand by your side,
Let the light take you on one final flight,
So you can look down on us all
As we disappear from sight.

I will remember you until it’s my end
Where the same journey awaits us all – to descend.

I see you and you see me,
Let’s shake hands with one final breath.
Life and death!
Let’s not pretend
It all comes to a beautiful end.

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