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Into the night with delight offering sight with endless light.

A journey that must end.
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Into the night with delight offering sight with endless light.

Dancing into the damp fog of the night
Twisting and turning through the distorted norms of delight
Feeling frightened when awakening from the sight
Of a construed shadow lurking within the cracked bricks, of the shop window with no light.

Vanished from the night
Like catching a black cats shadow twisting with delight
Never to catch sight
As a car passes offering bright white light

Dirty bare feet from the old cobbled streets
Caressing an empty market square in the night
Perfect toes that fit the carried red stilettoes of a stranger who is feeling delight
With another caught staring with no sight
As the white silk dress, encapsulates olive skin with the reflection of fogged light.

A journey that starts to pretend as the time is lost in the night
Emotions heightened, offering chemical reactions of delight
Touching and kissing with blinded sight
As the dark turns into a moment of light.

Night turning into day
Delight fading into regret
Sight blinded with the toxicities of self-conflicted mess
Light blankets kicked off with a pounding head.

One journey that comes to an end.

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