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Gods Poetry

Don't worship the Gods

Gods Poetry

The Gods gave us their gifts.

A delightful combination of delicate demands
Developed through a master plan
To make all worthy
Who speak the truth
Let me help you contemplate the proof.

All the gifts are in your hands
From love
To creating life
And living your plan –
All while experiencing reality in this scam.

Worshiping the gods
Brings nothing
As they gave you the gifts
To create all of your myths
While playing out a vista
In a paradoxical twister
That you won’t understand until your death.

You are a God
With all the gifts
Worship yourself
While being humble
Giving back to all who stumble
Upon your teachings of relative thrifts.

The Gods smile down
On all who are free
Experiencing life’s plan
Without a positioned crown.

The day may come when they show you the way
Worshiping a statue of humans play
Which needs to be taken
Immediately away.

The key to life is to know your gifts
Give them back to reality
To make this

Main Photo by Francisco Ghisletti

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