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Feel it

Live life with feeling
feel it poem

Feel it

Feel it with all your might
Feel it with all that’s insight
Feel it tonight
Feel it regardless of your fight
Feel the laughter and pain hitting right
Feel it like the wind lashing off the winter night

Feel it again
Feel it over and over again
Feel it like you can’t pretend
Feel life like it’s your friend

Feel it for all that’s lost with no end
Feel it again
Feel it while delivering messages to your men

Feel with hurt
Feel it with laughter
Feel it tomorrow after
Feel it like your insignificant’s is on the mend

Feel it with shame
Feel it with feelings
Feel it when dying for all to forget

Feel the warmth
Feel the fire
Feel the cold like it’s your desire

Feel with everything you’ve got
Feel like you never forgot
Feel it with anger
Feel it with love

Or life will rot.



Main Photo by Frederik Falinski

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