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Creating Reality

Peering deep inside your mind Learning the frequency of time Showing you the reality of this manifestational climb A black hole A galaxy filled with infinite disclose Designed to make you stand on your toes. Create a reality inside your soul Need it to happen Want it to happen Never look...

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significance poetry


Falling into the trap of significance Pretending to see layers that don’t exist Giving you reason to exist On this tiny ball of insignificance. Telling innocent people to conform Learning geniuses to draw in the form Blinded by gigantic cold shadows Inside the teacher’s dorm. This way That way This is a...

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Men Don’t Cry

Hardened by life’s journey of sold All the emotions packed tight into an endless hole Bastard child or broken home Parents loving Some have it all No room for emotions to show. Tears held back by moments that decide Love, pain, anger and sadness for the eyes. Cry inside Cry on your...

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You’re the captain of this ship

You’re the captain of this ship Take it beyond its protective hub Through a journey of thoughtful taste Raise your cup Brake your boundaries Relish in your sense of much. You’re the captain of this ship A delicate being With a complex interface Holding onto a galaxy within Let all come in. You’re the captain of...

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Is It Real?

Is it real All of this A reality filled with senseless must. The art of self Seems like a world Where everyone looks upon in felt. Disturbed by the notion of everyone’s motion A deliberate injection of energies potion. A journey that must be had No matter how sad A lesson to absorb A moment to...

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man in the mirror poem

Mirrored Man

A moment captured by mistake A smile remembered for more than a decade embraced. I don't see myself in the mirror A different man awaits The folds and wrinkles show a different face As death awaits life's mistakes. The stubble and hairline awakes A vision from a different place A man I know Who had...

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A raindrop rolls down the cold window pane Rushing to meet its death In an evaporated attempt To live once again. Dropped from miles above Created from the land of lakes Departing into a new place. Harnessing life with its minerals And wet interface Cold to touch Pulling toxins back into the mud. A...

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Eyes Don’t Lie

A woman who takes more than she needs Concerning to watch Pretending to care She breaks the hearts of all she meets. Discontent with everything she collects Including life forms Just pets A moment of comfort Followed by neglect. Although loving Time comes to get Pulling her down Changing patterns in her mindset. Needing change She...

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