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Wisdom and life quotes to read on your daily journey across life itself

Time To Meet Love

We wait for each other’s presence; Deciphering the time like a bottle of aged essence. Composing a gentle touch Beyond the fragmented moments of such. The seconds on a clock, Slow and almost stop As we talk under the dying stars And awaken memories imprisoned on Mars. Combining...

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Girl With The Forgetful Face

She found me struggling to answer why In a position for only a short time Trying to master the discipline of a job That went nowhere on this short timeline of tough. Light years ahead of her crime Understanding the numbers 3, 6 and 9 A predator to the writer Undiscovered in...

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Men and women to the slaughter

As age tightens We begin to tire As life begins to retire. Something else awaits Pulling your soul Down into a puddle of weight. It's harder now to go on As we realise what has become Of mortals who suffer from death and nothing beyond. Some welcome the end Some fight until they...

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Death Party

Death party

I watched my death party And smiled Because I knew what nobody can expect When they leave into the darkness Between the layers of time itself. Some people shed tears of lost While others smiled with no cost, Many cry on their own While I felt death Like a wound From a black rose. I...

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sun poem

A Journey Through The Sun

The sun talks to me From when I was little with no friends. I would look inside her vivid mind And she would show me colours of every kind. When I looked away All of reality turned into a white light With a moment of seeing my mind Pouring into...

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We lost love

You said you wanted happiness You said you wanted nothing else We created beings together And watched laughter echo through the vibrations of life itself. We did all this in the name of love Standing by each other As time moved on. We had it all Yet we had nothing We...

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The Black Hole Of Love

The centre of the black hole stopped As we met for the first time on this rock. Creating a ripple of love That interlinked gravity to break the laws of actuality, Pulling us closer - To ignite the universe on its infinite moment of magnificent ride. We smiled Because we both knew That...

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To My Son

I’m dying And soon I will be dead But through you I will live instead. Lying here will be my body Connected to my head Reminding you of all the memories We collected and shared. Don’t cry for me when I’m gone Smile for all the times we sang that...

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I’ve found a place

It’s all me It’s all you I’ve found a place Where we can make love all night. Together, forever Until the end of time A place where we can smile and feel divine. I’ll meet you there at half past nine I’ll be ready With red & white wine Forever, we can...

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Fear Exists

Fear exists Fear Keeps you alive, simple, yet kind Feel fear rushing and building in your mind, While keeping you connected to this moment in time. See beyond it, See through it Manifest your reality and harness its power on this climb. Fear was given to you by the divine Because they knew...

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