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Wisdom and life quotes to read on your daily journey across life itself

Pink Gin & Whisky

She drank pink gin, whisky & lemonade He drunk pink gin, whisky & Indian tonic As the world turned, To twist light into a dark adonic. We see galaxies colliding As we peer into these glasses of nebula With the lemon & lime flavour of zest Bringing us towards another quest. This moment...

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Lost on a journey of wisdom

#1 It's not the huge celestial entities of the universe that are Godley, its the subatomic energy particles that create everything you can't see. #2 Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow - Fuckoff! #3 Inside your mind is a universe that connects you to everything...

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My wife

My wife puts things into perspective! Even when I'm right or wrong - irrespective. She commands the children with her song, And I listen, pretending not to see her yawn. She cooks me a three-course meal, With white wine and homemade scones. I offer her an...

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The Journey Of A Love Story

Let me take you on a journey - beyond where the sun sets, creating a marble golden breeze effect. See behind the aperture of the sky, touching the darkness of space; where the blackness of your pupil hides. Reach out with your mind and let your...

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Life & Death

I look into your eyes and see the ending of time. Your pupils grow small as they dissipate into the mind. Blues and greens turn into grey. Your eyes wobble without words of say. You tell me "this is it" as you hold on tight for one last shift, As...

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The Secret To Time

I can feel time through the fingertips that touch my spine. I can feel time with every oxygenated filled breath. I see time when awakening from a deep sleep and become awoken into this dream we call life. Time travels through my head, slowing the day to which...

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Born into a heartbroken world As two galaxies collided Sparking a reality to make one of a kind Composed by the hands of the silent divine. And she grew with the sounds of time, Vibrating & evaporating - Creating her inner lucidity Forming a being, to project her...

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The universe poem

The Universe Poem

Welcome to this infinite place Where mortals found a playground of grace. Amoung the darkness lay pinpricks of light Fighting the shadows in a galactical plight. Blackholes churn out storms of stars Forging solar systems for life to make art. Through the pink nebula and stardust paths Beings await, for all...

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Children should rule the world

Children Should Rule The World

I feel death when awaking in the morning I'm shown images of death which are highly concerning Why do I see these moments of hurting Which can only be seen in black and white? The answer to saving all Is given to me with purpose Words placed into a sequence,...

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