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Wisdom and life quotes to read on your daily journey across life itself

Worst Poetry Ever Written

I like to write whatever comes out of my mind. I'm gathering some of these for a new book - The Worst Poetry Ever Written. I classify these as absolute shit and will be updating intermittently. When I get to 100 I will self publish...

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Days That Make Up The Week

When Monday comes I roll my eyes to the back of my head, 5 days of working To pay the bills And pay for bread. The chore of Tuesday Is like working with no end The only way to get through it Is to simply just pretend. Wednesday arrives as your friend Because its midweek And...

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Poetry is

Poetry is universal Poetry is eternal Poetry is life beginning, which will meet you at the end. Poetry is a journey Poetry never pretends Poetry is feelings of life - on the mend. Poetry is language Understood by few On the road, ahead Giving meaning to the weekend. Poetry is life looking...

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The Keys

We hold the keys to the universe Inside our minds From a non-distant place From a state that takes place Right in front of our face. It talks to us It helps us It shows us the way. All the answers are lost through a gaze When we seek a fortune that can never...

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poem of cards dealt life

Let’s do it today

Wake up to the soul of your time Bending thoughts through the puddle of this grime Looking to a better place Understanding life’s debate While insinuating choice and fate Trying to understand the design of this place. I’ve tried to wake the world up from my shed I’m sick of seeing people...

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She Sees – He Sees

HE SEES She stands naked Smiling Tits bouncing Brown sources pointing Bubble bath blushing through the wet Squirting water through the warm yellow pillowed sponge Her bum bounces as she reaches over for the coconut conditioner Slippery toes Oiled legs raised high on the cold white shelf She reminds me to trim my beard as...

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Softly Breathing Her Breath

Slowly kissing her neck She whispers sweet somethings Beyond my fragmented intellect Softly breathing her breath Swallowing her sweat Never to regret As she watches my hands move around her upper breasts. Her skin-tight jeans Wrapped around her cheeks Like an infested disease Not letting her skin breath. Unravel with ease Revealing her slight legs Beautiful Feet And lingerie Wrapped...

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King For One Day

To be king for one day To be looked upon as the public awaits Decisions to be made All to keep democracy in place. A burden to carry Subtle whispers to marry Suggestive, Without too much emphasis On the government to tell lords and barons. Will my name be remembered for something great? Or...

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I couldn’t imagine a poem that didn’t rhyme at least once

I couldn't imagine a poem that didn't rhyme With all the combinations Of all the collaborations Awaiting to escape When conversing with your mind. Deliberately injecting words That litter a page of this world Before they unravel life Back into to folds of a bloodied steak knife. Tearing into the timeless white pages Like...

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Those red eyes

Those red eyes Followed me to this place Reminding me of a distant past Time, that won't connect to this moment of dance Chasing me Hunting me down Those red eyes gaining on my suffocating breath. Clocked in black Running But can't get out Those red eyes Getting bigger with every...

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