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Wisdom and life quotes to read on your daily journey across life itself

No one is coming

It's taken me a little while to be able to understand myself as me, alive, well, and what we should consider as free. I feel safe and should not worry, especially to live in this country where there seems to be a balance between educated...

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How To Terraform Mars

Mars, a cold red planet in our solar system circulating a star in perfect hibernation, awaiting to be terraformed by an intelligent life form. An exciting prospect that could be started in this lifetime? Impossible, but if there is a will, there is always a way. Mars...

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The complicated versus the simplest mindset.

There seems to be those that like to complicate and others who like to simplify. The purpose of these different outlooks in life can vary. Understanding each skill set brings with it moments of creation and balance. The complicated mindset. Those that seem to complicate the very...

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Painting Pictures Inside Your Mind

To think and manifest ideas through pure cognitive projection keeps us in a significant state. I think therefore I am René Descartes Through the art of conversation, it becomes perplexed to see how individuals come to conclusions based on the understanding of their overall knowledge, thus far on...

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What does fate mean?

Fate has been derived from the mystical arts of religion, which reaches out and touches everything from Gods to the afterlife. Look across the spectrum of our belief system, fate offers the answers to everything that can't be explained. Fate connects faith and wisdom through...

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A religious thought – the code of God

Religion! One of the most powerful subjects known to any Human Being on the planet. It means different things to many different cultures around the world. It offers the answers to what we don’t understand. It gives us direction, social interaction, acceptance and most importantly...

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It’s common sense.

What is Common sense? The word ‘deluded’ comes to mind every time I hear someone say that fused phrase of snapping acknowledgement. It's common sense Is it really? You can't categorise something that can not be measured on a global scale. The spectrum of life can...

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The 5 senses of self

To become the best at whatever you do in both mind and physical connection, you need to be able to make simple calculations of information that is happening around you and everyone else on a daily basis. You absorb vast amounts of information through your...

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higher knowledge

What Is Higher Knowledge?

That is the question. There is so much to understand and learn. People are easily manipulated and can be put on a path of misunderstanding simply because that what we have been told or read can be perceived as the principle of truth. Take a mammal such...

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dream state

Intertwine the dream state with reality

Your dreaming state is a very powerful connection with your whole life journey on this Planet. You can see images, sounds and significant moments of time that are linked to all the memories that will stay with you forever. Your dreams play like a film inside...

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