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I am here

I am here in a world that I can not contemplate, sometimes it makes me feel empty because I do not know the outcome of my physical self. I exist in a state of balanced conditioning holding on to a thought that was given to...

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The Trees

To you and probably everyone else, Trees are seen as living organic structures. Monstrosities of perfection, moulded from years of evolution. They define landscapes and bring oxygen to our needy lungs. Trees are very complex living organisms that have the ability to sustain life on planet...

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How to terraform Mars

Mars, a cold red planet in our solar system circulating a star in perfect hibernation, awaiting to be terraformed by an intelligent life form. An exciting prospect that could be started in this lifetime? Impossible, but if there is a will, there is always a way. Mars...

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What does fate mean?

Fate has been derived from the mystical arts of religion. Religion reaches out and touches everything from Gods to the afterlife. Look across the spectrum of our belief system. Fate offers the answers to everything that can't be explained. Fate connects faith and wisdom through...

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