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Wisdom and life quotes to read on your daily journey across life itself


Facebook, I deleted my account Even though I was one of the first to sign up Without a shadow of doubt. I connected with friends And posted pictures to pretend Then I watched the carnage Of people’s personal and global wars Talk to the world like a broken harness. Upon...

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acer laptop poem


I purchased an Acer laptop once. It looked sleek and ahead of the bunch, A carbon effect dashboard And lashings of what looked like love. I took it home and struggled to connect The Wifi kept turning off Which seemed a little suspect Especially - after what was spent. This happened all the time While...

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Sky, They’re all around Pumping out digital sound Like a merry-go-round Where would we be without HDTV, MTV And the movie channel… Blazing vivid spectacles In the foreground. The sky remote Awaits, closer than a stone’s throw Tempting the viewer to discover new worlds. Action packed sport Followed by a documentary on all...

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I’m a Motorola and Android is my friend I play with your mind I offer gestures so kind I deliver state of the art tech So you can be entwined. They call me Moto Mainly because I can say ‘Hello’ I love it when you ask me a question in the palm...

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Distinctly sleek and at its peek All things delivered with an Apple logo of neat. Smooth to touch Curves not too much As the shiny glass pretends not to beckon your clutch. Delivering a smooth interface Laced with clean graphics of taste With speeds welcomed by selfish needs of...

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Peering through time into a distant path Awaiting the seconds to make this day last What will the face of this watch bring? A timed moment of timeless begin. No matter your positioning here in the wind Time awaits for you to peer in. Never to sleep Never fatigued Never to...

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Googled Bamboozled Never a moment too noodled. The master of search An umbrella of the digital world Ordering results Finding queries never too much A solution offering the world guided stuff. Hey Google Play me a song Turn up the volume and turn the lights off Where am I now? Put the Television on. Kids shouting Adults...

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Turning the key to hear it purr Foot to the floor for a distinctive roar Tight round the bend Wheels built for no end. Cambered shaped twirls An infinite send You can’t pretend As the adrenaline sends you to a moment of mend. Feel it Contemplate its return The pulsating vibrations Connecting with your soul. A bread...

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