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Born into a heartbroken world
As two galaxies collided
Sparking a reality to make one of a kind
Composed by the hands of the silent divine.

And she grew with the sounds of time,
Vibrating & evaporating –
Creating her inner lucidity
Forming a being, to project her fluidity.

Her voice touching a billion souls
Smiling together, making a new story to be told…
In a world where the heartbroken
Started to feel bold.

It was written in dark
It was written in the shadows
It was written in the light
So, the world could watch a woman command her style.

Now the world is crazy in love
Now the world is drunk in love
A woman who was born as destinies child.

Love her until the end of time
Never be sorry for a woman so kind
Brown skin girl who can rhyme.

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david irvine

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