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About us

Enjoy poetry through wisdom & philosophy

Paradoxical Vista


Paradoxical Vista is packed with free poetry, wisdom & philosophy. Enjoy new creations on the poetry edit which are revised for books that can be purchased on the Amazon store. Fans and followers can also purchase beautiful artwork, mugs, rucksacks, bean bags, and t-shirts. We will be updating the store with lots of new merchandise soon.

Art Prints

Stunning art prints have been created using the content from many of the poems and wisdom on this very website. The creator of the wall art is D. J. Irvine; who is responsible for all the content on Paradoxical Vista. This means you will be purchasing something that is handcrafted by a designer and poet with a lifetime of experience.

You can choose from a wide range of frames which are built to museum standard. Be the talking point of your next event or evening party with these gorgeous works of wonders.

Poetry Books

Paradoxical Vista – book 1, can now be purchased on Amazon. Hold the power of poetry in the palm of your hand and read mind-bending poems from the 1st addition. You can choose from the Kindle, paperback or fully illustrated version.

Poet’s Edit

The Poet’s Edit is the first place for online publications that have been created by Mr Irvine. These are sometimes adapted or changed before they make it into the books. However, we hope these edits bring a little inspiration to the readers. This will give you an insight as to what is actually in the existing and new books coming soon.