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Explore Paradoxical Vista and enjoy wisdom & philosophy through the art of poetry.
You can purchase all the content through the site.

Poetry Poems & Poetry


Poetry from the deepest depths of the mind. Are you ready to delve in?

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Enjoy insightfully wisdom that could help you on a journey ahead.

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Need some inspiration? Enjoy some thought-provoking articles & Ideas.

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You can purchase an original signed poem or own a digital copy today. A perfect gift idea.

The author of Paradoxical Vista is a fellow called David Irvine. You can print off his work free for non-commercial use. You can also purchase a digital copy and even own an original, signed and framed of course.  

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Enjoy At Your Leisure

Take some time out and enjoy wisdom anytime.

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Buy Originals

Purchase original poetry that could increase in value.

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Healthy Content

Unique exciting content designed to open and bend your mind.

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Inspirational Ideas

Need a little content to inspire your own mind? Look no further.