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People Poem


We are all just people trying to fit in.
Some of us get on with it while others destroy and want to win.
Let them hold gold; let them destroy what they don’t have.
We are all just people living out our daily lives.

I don’t want to be a king, a ruler or a killer of lives.
I’m happy with the people who want a joyful life.

I’ve seen people that do things to be kind.
Did you ever see a human kill out of delight? (trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.)

I don’t want all the money in the world.
I give my money away because, in the end, I won’t have it anyway.
Some want to watch the world burn and be given something they don’t deserve.

Family is life.
Happiness is free.
Help each other on this journey under a tree.

We can change the world today!
We can change the world tomorrow;
we can wait and change the world on a different day.

I’ve learned all there is to know.
Teaching never ends to those who don’t know.
Will we come together and speak of the unknown?

I watch my children smile and play in the safety of their home.
My freedom is purchased in the form of interest and taxes,
which I can look at on my mobile phone.

I own my memories.
I can change my choices.
I understand this life and people seeing fabricated misfortunes.

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