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Connecting to the Aether

Many famous Mathematicians and Physicists have spoken about the Aether or ether at great length. The aether is a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces. The best way to describe the aether would be to say "the empty space above our...

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Wisdom at Work

Wisdom at Work

Something or Nothing It’s easy to find yourself doing nothing and not being able to do something. Write a list of what you will do today and follow through. The list you follow should start to grow. Create sub-lists and arrows reaching out to innovation, concepts and...

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Random Pansophy

it's up to us We are here to do what we want the planet doesn't care what we are doing it will still be here with or without human existence It’s, Up, Too, Us. The Paradox Life means nothing in this vast universe but at the same time, it also means...

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A message to the future

Living in a time of December 2015, Stardate 93547.72 has become a moment of significant place. The elites have become responsible again for destroying tranquillity. Their need for wealth has blinded their fate of nobility. The children of Earth, be it of all living things know...

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The 4 day week.

Life is such a beautiful thing. When you stop and actually consider it for a few moments, it becomes overwhelming. This moment of existence that is you, should not be taken for granted. As you grow older and see your children flourishing with you, close friends...

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What does love mean?

1. Open up to your partner and express everything you know. This shows a willingness to interact and be more open about any situation. 2. Love is but a connection of total comfort. 3. Love can be a simple look of acceptance. 4. Love is when you’re at...

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